[18.04.2024]  SSWP FORUM 2024

[18.04.2024]  SSWP FORUM 2024

FSPUB is delighted to support the first SSWP FORUM 2024 organized by highly involved students.

SSWP aims to become the first choice for students who are searching for a dynamic and interactive educational community in the fields of international relations, security studies, and diplomacy. In this regard, we wish to develop the next generation of leaders by organizing the Security Studies and World Politics Forum, with the first edition focusing on “Romania’s 20 Years of NATO Membership and the 75th Anniversary of NATO’s Establishment.”

The event organized by SSWP aims to enhance diplomatic and strategic skills and also fostering the appreciation for international collaboration and the fundamental values of NATO. It aims to develop critical thinking and leadership spirit, as well as both theoretical and practical knowledge, while also encouraging commitment to peace, security, and international cooperation.

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