Admission to the Doctoral School is held through a competition.

Eligibility Criteria

Romanian citizens as well as citizens of the Member States of the European Union, of the European Economic Area and of the Swiss Confederation, as well as ethnic Romanians, regardless of nationality, can apply for admission to the Doctoral sShool, to whom exactly the same conditions apply as those provided by law for Romanian citizens, including tuition fees.

PhD Admission is open to candidates with the following documents:

  • Bachelor’s degree
    • or the equivalent of long university studies organised according to Law no. 84/1995, republished, with subsequent amendments and additions
  • Master’s degree
    • or the equivalent of a Master’s degree organised in accordance with Law No 288/2004, as subsequently amended and supplemented
    • or the equivalent of studies carried out abroad and recognised by the specialised directorates of the Ministry of National Education as a master’s degree.

Observație 1: Candidaţii care au urmat studiile în străinătate vor prezenta la înscriere traducerea legalizată a diplomei obţinute, precum si echivalarea acesteia de către Consiliul Naţional de Atestare a Titlurilor, Diplomelor și Certificatelor Universitare din cadrul Ministerului Educaţiei și Cercetării.

Observație 2: Cetățenii străini din state din afara UE și bursierii statului român se vor adresa Direcției Relații Internaționale / Biroului de Cooperare Internațională și Studenți Străini, în vederea înscrierii la concursul de admitere la studiile universitare de doctorat.

Admission Calendar

REGISTRATION: 04-18.09.2023

The Application File

NOTE: The file can be submitted online to the Doctoral School secretariat ( for verification and the physical file must be submitted to the Doctoral School secretariat within 5 days after the posting of the results of the colloquium.

The application must include the following documents:

  • application form (one of the standard forms below)
    • standard form for Romanian citizens – download HERE or
    • standard form for EU citizens – download HERE or
    • standard form for NON EU citizens – download HERE or
    • application form for Roma places – standard form – at registration; download HERE
      • OBSERVATION: In the case of a double affiliation, candidates will choose only one affiliation, with which they wish to take part in the competition and this option cannot be changed during the admission in that academic year.
  • simple copy of a valid identity document (B.I./C.I./passport etc)
  • birth certificate, copy – certification of conformity with the original can be done by the secretariat of the Doctoral School
  • marriage certificate or other document of change of name, copy – certification of conformity with the original can be made by the Secretariat of the Doctoral School
  • baccalaureate diploma or equivalent, copy – certification of conformity with the original may be made by the Secretariat of the Doctoral School
  • higher education diploma (bachelor’s degree) and transcript/supplement to diploma, copies – certification of conformity with the original by the Secretariat of the Doctoral School
  • Master’s degree/ diploma or the equivalent and transcript of records/supplement to diploma, copies – certification of conformity with the original can be made by the Secretariat of the Doctoral School
    • Graduates of Master’s degree studies, class of 2023 may submit the certificate of graduation of Master’s degree studies with their application
  • a memoir of scientific activity
  • list of publications
  • A research project describing in 30-40 thousand characters (Times New Roman 12, single line format) the issue under consideration, stressing its novelty and relevance, research methodology, as well as
  • a preliminary bibliography
  • the research project will have the agreement of one of the professors from the Doctoral School of Political Science (list here), in order to be defended before the committee – dowload the sample document HERE
  • copy of a language proficiency certificate
    • the types of recognised language proficiency certificates are available here.
    • for foreign citizens – certificate of language proficiency in Romanian language/certificate of language proficiency in an international language in case the doctoral programme will be conducted in an international language, except for candidates, foreign citizens, coming from countries with an official international language;
  • affidavit attesting the accuracy/correctness of the documents in the submitted file
  • standard medical certificate
  • 3 passport-size photos (3cmx4cm)
  • the receipt for the registration fee (see details below under fees).
About the admission competition and the selection process

The selection process will be carried out by a committee composed of all members of the doctoral school. The absence of a professor will be justified in advance.

The PhD admission competition is held at the faculty premises.

  • In special cases, at the motivated request of the candidate, with the opinion of the Doctoral School Council and with the approval of the University of Bucharest management, the admission competition may be held by videoconference. The audio-video recording of the online admission exam is mandatory and is archived together with the other admission documents.

The selection process will take into account both the quality of the submitted project and its relevance to the field, as well as the coherence of the argument and oral presentation during the examination.

In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken according to the following criteria:

  1. the language of the project, English or French being an advantage over Romanian;
  2. the specialisation followed in the Master’s degree, candidates who have followed political science being preferred to all others;
  3. the overall average of the Master’s studies.

The average of each candidate is calculated to two decimal places without rounding. The minimum average for admission is 7 (seven).

Candidates will be ranked on a single list in descending order of overall average, specifying which candidates are admitted

  • (a) on places financed from the budget with scholarships,
  • (b) on places financed from the budget without a grant, or
  • (c) fee-paying places.

The overall averages obtained by candidates for admission are valid for determining the ranking order only for the Doctoral School to which they have applied and for that session.

The results of the entrance exam will be validated by the CȘDȘP and the C.S.U.D. and then approved by the Central Admission Commission of the University of Bucharest, before being posted.

The results of the admission competition, approved by the Central Admission Commission of the University of Bucharest, are announced by posting within 48 hours from the date of its completion. Within 5 working days from the posting of the results, the candidates admitted to the budget places will submit the original documents.

  • WARNING! Failure to present the original diploma on time, due to the sole fault of the admitted candidate, will result in the loss of the place financed by the budget.

The files of unsuccessful candidates or those who drop out will be returned to them, on request, within 48 hours of submission of the application, free of charge, on the basis of identity documents. Candidates who withdraw their application forms before the final result of the competition is published will be disqualified.

Candidates declared admitted are enrolled in doctoral studies based on the result of the competition for the academic year 2022/2023 by decision of the Rector of the University of Bucharest.

Fees (admission and tuition)

The registration fee is 450 lei and is payable

  • online at or
  • at the cashier’s office of the University of Bucharest.

Are not subject to the obligation to pay the application fees for the admission competition:

  • candidates who have lost both parents,
  • candidates from children’s homes or foster care, and
  • staff employed at the University of Bucharest.

One of the following documents is required for tax exemption:

  • a simple copy of the parents’ death certificates (in the case of orphans of both parents);
  • certificate from the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection (for applicants from children’s homes or who have been in foster care);
  • a certificate proving that they are active teaching or auxiliary teaching staff of the University.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for fee-paying places for the academic year 2022-2023 is 8250 RON/year and the tuition fee for fee-paying places (CPV) for the academic year 2022-2023 is 3400 Euro/year

Other useful information


The list of PhD supervisors and fields can be consulted here


For admission in 2023, places have been allocated as follows:

– 7 places, state-funded studies with scholarships;

– 6 places, studies financed from the state budget, without scholarship;

– 1 place from the state budget, allocated for Roma

– 5 fee-paying places.

Admissions schedule and admission results - 2023

The schedule for the interviews ans the results for the 2023 session will be published her

Pentru informații suplimentare legate de procesul de admitere în această perioadă, vă rugăm să ne contactați la adresa: