The teachers from the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Bucharest with competencies in the fields give the name of this department. PPRISS members teach subjects at the bachelor’s, master and doctoral levels that correspond to these fields. The department cooperates with similar departments in the country and abroad, developing internationally recognized research projects, as its members constantly contribute to acknowledged specialized publications.

There are two research centers within PPRISS:

Director Departament
Prof. Dr. Cristian PREDA

Department Council
Prof. Dr. Radu CARP 
Lect. dr. Mirela CERKEZ

PPRISS Members: Lect.univ.dr. Ana-Maria Bârsan, Prof.univ.dr. Radu Carp, Lect.univ.dr. Mirela Cerkez, Lect.univ.dr. Sergiu Delcea, Lect.univ.dr. Domnica Gorovei, Conf.univ.dr. Armand Goșu, Lect.univ.dr. Dan Lazea, Prof.univ.dr. Iulia Antoanella Motoc, Conf.univ.dr. Bogdana Petrică, Prof.univ.dr. Cristian Preda, Lect.univ.dr. Mihai Sebe, Conf.univ.dr. Andreea Zamfira


It is one of the three departments of the Faculty of Political Sciences that brings together specialists in the related fields of political theory/philosophy, and the history of political and constitutional ideas. Prof. Dr. Ioan Stanomir (comparative constitutionalism; modern conservatism) and Conf Dr. Bogdan Iancu (European constitutionalism; State and Public Law) are active in the discipline of constitutional law. Prof. Dr. Florin Turcanu is specialized in the study of totalitarian ideologies and intellectual history of the 20th century. Prof. Dr. Cristina Petrescu studies communism and post-communism, and Dr. Victor Rizescu studies the history of development policies. Dr. Catherine Preda analyses the relationship between art and politics, as well as the political culture of Latin America. Dr. Alexandra Iancu studies political elites and the pathology of democratization. Conf. Dr. Irina Matei is specialized in the study of cultural policies and German totalitarianism, lecturer Dr. Alexandru Gussi in the history of French political life and party systems in Europe, and Conf. Cosmin Dogaru in the study of leadership. The history of political ideas is the domain of Prof. Dr. Catalin Avramescu, Conf. Dr. Miruna Tataru-Cazaban, and Conf. Dr. Camil Pârvu. The members of the department published at leading publishers in their field (Brill, Routledge, Princeton, etc.) and held courses or had specialization stages in universities and institutes such as Heidelberg, Oxford, Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, or Université Libre Bruxelles.

There are two research centers within PPRISS:

  • Centrul Interdisciplinar de Cercetare Arte, Politici, Memorie, Societate
  • Centrul Fundamenta Politica

Director of Department

Department Council
Prof. Dr. Florin ȚURCANU
Prof. Dr. Ioan STANOMIR

TIPC members: Prof.univ.dr. Cătălin Avramescu, Conf.univ.dr. Cosmin Ștefan Dogaru, Lect.univ.dr. Alexandru Gussi, Conf.univ.dr. Alexandra-Alina Iancu, Conf.univ.dr. Bogdan Iancu, Conf.univ.dr. Irina Matei, Conf.univ.dr. Camil Pârvu, Prof.univ.dr. Cristina Petrescu, Conf.univ.dr. Caterina Preda, Conf.univ.dr. Victor Rizescu, Prof.univ.dr. Ioan Stanomir, Conf.univ.dr. Miruna Tătaru-Cazaban, Prof.univ.dr. Florin Țurcanu.


Director of Departament
Conf. Dr. Claudiu TUFIȘ

Department Council
Conf. Dr. Anca DOHOTARIU
Conf. Dr. Silvia MARTON
Lect. Dr. Oana-Valentina SUCIU

GCSE members: Conf.univ.dr. Raluca Alexandrescu, Prof.univ.dr. Ionela Băluță, Lect.univ.dr. Felicia Bejan, Conf.univ.dr. Anca Dohotariu, Conf.univ.dr. Luciana Alexandra Ghica, Conf.univ.dr. Ruxandra Ivan, Prof.univ.dr. Ligia Livadă Cadeschi, Conf.univ.dr. Silvia Marton, Lect.univ.dr. Brîndușa Nicolaescu, Lect.univ.dr. Damiana Oțoiu, Prof.univ.dr. Dragoș Petrescu, Asist.univ.dr. Octavian Sofronea, Lect.univ.dr. Oana Valentina Suciu, Prof.univ.dr. Laurențiu Vlad