Facultatea de Stiinte Politice

The Department of Political Science of the University of Bucharest – created in the spring of 1991 – was the first department in Romania based on a curriculum of political studies. Originally named Faculté Internationale de Sciences Humaines, it was accredited in 1995 as a department of political science with teaching in French.

In the same year, a political science program in Romanian was created, as well as a chair of administrative studies. Therefore, for a short period of time, the institution was called the Department of Political and Administrative Sciences. Since 2001, the department is known by its current name.

The Department includes the specialization Political Science in English, created in 1997, the Security Studies BA program (2011), and the International Relations and European Studies BA program, in English (2014).

The Master’s studies programs started in 1995, when the system of transferable credits was also introduced, which allowed the completion of numerous Erasmus agreements. The content of the programs was adapted to the training needs. In the early years, general programs of political theory, European studies, international relations, or Romanian politics aimed at training specialists in each of these areas of study, primarily to develop research and teaching. Recently, at the MA’s level, there were proposed lines of studies that focus on policies such as equal opportunities or international public affairs, without neglecting the research procedure. The programs offer three traditional teaching languages – Romanian, English, and French.

The Doctoral School of Political Science was created in 2005, resuming a training program that began in 1999. PhD theses can be prepared in various fields: governance and government in democratic regimes, the law-governed state in Europe, Romanian electoral history, public policies in post-communism, human rights and international relations, constitutionalism and democratization, political ideologies, and political culture. Numerous theses have been carried out under co-tutelage agreements with Francophone universities.