FSPUB currently has seven accredited research centers at the UB level

The Research Center in the field of Israeli studies was created in May 2012 from the initiative of the founding members, professors and researchers from Romania and abroad, to lay the foundations of the first Romanian structure to promote a field of studies and research that appeared relatively recently in the international academic environment: Israeli studies. Given the complex and interdisciplinary nature of the new field, this center brings together experts from various scientific branches, from history and political science to the history of religions, security studies or Semitic linguistics. In October 2013 it was named the Research Center for Israeli studies “Goldstein Goren”.

The European Research Center For Political Culture Analysis And Modeling (EPCAM) is an academic entity of scientific research, education and expertise, with a European and interdisciplinary vocation. The Commission’s mission is to analyze and model political attitudes toward democracy in the context of migration, terrorism and corruption phenomena in Europe, analyze and shape European political cultures, as well as investigate and model post-communist Eastern European regimes that are either in the process of transition to democracy or of strengthening democracy.

The European Research Center For Political Culture Analysis And Modeling, institutional construction anticipated in 2012 by the formation of the Eastern European Group on Research of political attitudes and Mentalities (EPAM), was created from the desire of its founding members – professors and researchers from Romania and from several European universities – to lay the foundation of the first pan-European institutional academic structure of interdisciplinary research for shaping European political cultures.

EPCAM publications:

Center Fundamenta Politica is a scientific research entity that operates within the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest. The center aims to develop theoretical and applied research programs in the field of political sciences, bringing together professors from FSP, PhD students and associate researchers.

Coordinator: Conf. dr. Caterina Preda

Created in 2019, the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Arts, Politics, Memory and Society (PolArt) supports, promotes and conducts research projects on the relationship between art, politics, memory and society in different regions of the world. Placed between political science, international relations, sociology, the history of ideas, art history and cultural anthropology, this research center supports investigative projects interested in representing political power, as well as challenging political power through artistic representations. The analysis of cultural memory forms is another central analysis topic of PolArt.

The Center for the Study of Equal Opportunity Policies (CPES) is an academic entity of scientific research, education and expertise, with an international and interdisciplinary vocation, whose mission is to investigate the processes of democratization and citizenship definition, public policy development and evaluation, as well as the social processes that lead to differences of gender, class, ethnicity, race, sexual affiliation and other forms of social hierarchy.

The r is an academic entity of scientific research, education and expertise, with an international and interdisciplinary vocation, which aims to stimulate and develop research, innovation and knowledge transmission processes in the field of international studies, broadly defined as an interdisciplinary field that investigates social interaction from an international perspective. Established in 2009 as a pilot program for complementary training and platform for dialog between academic and the professional environment in the field of international relations, the Program Professionals in International Relations and European Studies (ProRISE) was the element that led to the formation of IDC in 2013, and continues its activity within it.

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Membri FSPUB: prof.dr Radu Carp, conf.dr. Armand Goșu

The Romanian Center for Russian studies consists of a group of researchers trained within the Interdisciplinary Research on Russia’s Geopolitics in the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean within the Research Institute of the University of Bucharest. The general purpose is to investigate Russia’s geopolitics in Eastern Europe, especially in the Black Sea region, in the context of the increasing aggression of this state in recent years, on several levels (political, economic, social media, military, etc.) and to carry out a series of specialized studies that would help to understand this topic.